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Found in Departments: Behlen Wood Finishing Products
  Restoration, Repair, and Maintenance
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 B741-1000 - Natural ($8.95) Temporarily Sold Out(MSDS)
 B741-1010 - Fruitwood ($6.95) In Stock(MSDS)
Wood-fil is one of our most popular finishing products . This water based wood putty comes in a wide range of colors and is easy to use. Conveniently packed in a tube, the putty won�t dry out and you can dispense exactly the amount you need.. It is one of the easiest ways of repairing bings, dents, and missing splinters in a piece of furniture. it dries quickly and it is easily sanded. There are ten shades to choose from. Sold in 3oz. tubes.

Note: normally you would use a filler the same or of a lighter color as the wood. We squeezed out a little dark filler just to show you its consistency.  

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