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If French polishing intimidates you, this is a product to consider. Behlen calls Qualasole "The modern French Polish," - since it�s applied with a pad in the same manner as French polishing, but a superior and more durable effect is obtained in about one-tenth of the time. No oil is required when originally polishing, padding, touching up or renovating. But like French Polish, Qualasole accentuates the grain and natural markings of the piece, and its beautiful appearance will improve with age.

Qualasole finish is formulated to be used on new wood as an original finish or to renew a worn or damaged existing finish. Using Qualasole provides a beautiful appearance; it accentuates the natural marking in new and renewed wood that will definitely improve as it ages. Combined with Behlen Furniture Powders, Qualasole will replace the color in a faded or unstained area in a finished surface.   
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