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Found in Departments: Hand Cut Rasps and Riffler Rasps by Auriou
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 Flat Needle Rasp 2 3/4" long - grain 14 (70 x 7 x 2) ($45.95) In Stock
 Knife Shaped 2 3/4" long - grain 14 (70 x 7 x 2) ($45.95) In Stock
 Half Round Needle Rasp 2 3/4" long - grain 14 (70 x 7 x 2) ($45.95) In Stock
 Rat Tail Needle Rasp 2 3/4" long - grain 14 (70 x 5) ($45.95) In Stock
 Set of all 4 needle rasps in a plastic wallet ($171.95) In Stock
These very fine needle rasps come in a variety of shapes and allow you to do the precision of working in very small areas. The main advantage of these rasps over riffler rasps is you have a nice long stroke. These are perfect for model making, where you are doing the same operations you would on full size furniture, just on smaller scale.

Auriou uses a scale of 1 to 15 grain to describe the cut of their rasps, with 1 the coarsest and 15 the finest.
For more information of grain (the degree of fineness or coarseness) other terminology, and how to use and care for your rasps click here.  

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