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Hand-Cut Modeller's (Tapered) Rasps by Auriou
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Found in Departments: Hand Cut Rasps and Riffler Rasps by Auriou
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Rasp Making at Forge de Saint-Juery (Auriou)

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 5 7/8" long - grain 15 (150 x 11 x 3.5 ) ($107.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 5 7/8" long - Left handed - grain 15 (150 x 11 x 3.5 ) ($107.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 7" long - grain 13 (175 x 14 x 4 ) ($99.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 7" long - grain 13 (175 x 14 x 4 ) - LEFT HANDED ($99.95) In Stock
These modeller’s rasps are finer, miniature versions of cabinetmaker’s rasps. They are very popular for touching up furniture carvings and scrollwork because they are narrower than regular cabinetmaker’s rasps and leave a very smooth finish.

Auriou uses a scale of 1 to 15 grain to describe the cut of their rasps, with 1 the coarsest and 15 the finest.
For more information of grain (the degree of fineness or coarseness) other terminology, and how to use and care for your rasps click here.  
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Customer Reviews:

Auriou & Gramercy rasps

By: Leo Hall (May, 2014)

When I started working on instruments a few years ago, I picked up three Auriou and two Gramercy rasps. Both are joyful to work with. I have a very long #8 Auriou and would never give it away. It takes off wood quickly and efficiently with wonderful control as do all the Auriou rasps. But if you want the absolute the next best thing Gramercy is certainly not far behind. Both are beautifully build, I do have a tendency to grab for my Auriou's but they are all under lock and key after too many people wanted to borrow them - That will not happen.
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