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 3/8" wide (10mm) - grain 12 ($60.95) In Stock
 3/8" wide (10mm) - grain 12 - LEFT HANDED ($60.95) In Stock
 7/8" wide (20mm) - grain 10 ($36.95) In Stock
 Left Handed - 7/8" wide (20mm) - grain 10 ($36.95) In Stock
Ironing rasps are used to selectively smooth flat surfaces that are surrounded by a raised edge. (The flat part of a carved pie-crust table comes to mind as an example.) The offset handle enables you to smooth a surface far from an edge, and the curve of the rasp makes it easy to rasp flat surfaces. Auriou makes true flat ironing rasps as well, but they are not nearly as useful as these curved ironing rasps. Only the outer portion of the rasp is stitched.

Auriou uses a scale of 1 to 15 grain to describe the cut of their rasps, with 1 the coarsest and 15 the finest.
For more information of grain (the degree of fineness or coarseness) other terminology, and how to use and care for your rasps click here.  

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