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The Pen Turner’s Workbook 3nd EditionThe Pen Turner’s Workbook 3nd Edition
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Making Pens from Simple to Stunning
by Barry Gross

Making writing instruments on a lathe can be a rewarding hobby that, once mastered, can be financially rewarding as well. The Pen Turner's Workbook is a great guide for anyone looking to create impressive pens using specialty materials. As the author notes, "The thrill of creating something useful and beautiful with your own hands - not to mention the variety of materials available to pen turners - will keep you turning pens for quite a long time." (And some of us cabinetmakers would add, "...projects that don't take forever!") The book, a fully redesigned revision of the best-selling first edition, expands upon the earlier edition to incorporate more material for advanced pen turners. It includes information that will get you started, along with more specialized details about unique supplies (wood and non-wood); elaborate pen plating finishes; segmented woodturning techniques; and ideas for merchandizing your finished products. Gross generously shares his mishaps and blunders - cracks, misalignments, visible glue joints, blowouts, chips, etc. - to your learning benefit. The Pen Turner's Workbook includes 17 projects, including stunning lacewood, box elder and bird's eye maple pens, and a great gallery of contemporary turned pens. You'll also enjoy the author's fascinating asides on various topics, such as the beauty of burls for turned pens. Extensive photography on every page. Softcover. 8 1/2" x 11". 126 pages.

Pages: 134
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapell

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