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Limited Edition Poster - Plane Spotting
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After a layer of ink is printed all the sheets must be laid on racks to dry before the next layer can be applied.
Mixing the red ink
Screening the red layer
The red layer drying on racks
Final drying after all three layers have been printed
The client (us) examining the finished poster

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Plane spotting is the responsibility of every woodworker! And with this limited edition, three-color silkscreen printed poster, you will be able to maintain constant vigilance about which plane is which. This poster is the perfect wall handing for any woodworker or tool collector. The poster is printed on 19" x 25" 140 lb acid-free paper from the French Paper Company. We don't mean French Paper Company as in the country, we mean the French family, who have been making paper in Michigan since 1871 and are one of the last independent American paper makers left. The 140 lb paper is a really heavy paper for posters that was more popular in the 1940's when posters were made to hang in public places for a long time. Expect a giant box in the mail. When we envisioned the poster, we wanted something that really invoked the 1930's and 40's so it had a visceral impact. This translated into a big, thick poster, which means we totally screwed up on the practicality of shipping. We also only printed a limited edition of 100 copies (with about 10 for internal use, damage, etc.). When they are gone they are really gone.

The silkscreening process is done mostly by hand, which is more expensive than using a modern press, but we really wanted to capture the right feel. Everyone involved in the project from designers to the printer love these tradition methods. In this case, a three color screen printing (gray, red, & black) means three trips through the press in which each color is forced through a screen and then laid out on racks so the ink can dry between each color pass. This is largely a hand operation, and you can see that some prints, especially at the end of the stroke, have more red color than do other prints.

Of course for an end user - the person who hangs the poster up in their shop or anywhere else there is a free wall - the actual complexity of production isn't relevant, other that the poster is a little more expensive that it would have been with modern methods or in a smaller size. But we think that the overall effect, which is the way the image hits you when you see it, is worth the effort and few extra dollars.

Printed in the USA on paper made in the USA.  
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Wonderful surprise

By: Spencer (Jun, 2017)

Fantastic product. I was very surprised at the excellent quality of the poster. My compliments on the care taken in packaging as well.
I own this product.

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