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An Ebook with Video
by Bob Lang

For the past 20 years or so (I was a CAD teacher in 1981) I have been drafting out my furniture projects in various 2D drafting programs. Recently however the new trend has been to draw in 3D and the most popular drafting program around is the free version of Google SketchUp.

There are a lot of reasons for drafting out a project before you build it, and there are a bunch of compelling reasons for working in 3D. The first reason is that if you have to learn a drafting program, Sketchup in 3D has a learning curve, but so do all the 2D programs. And once you have a 3D model it’s much easier to visualize the entire project. Being able to visualize the entire project isn’t just important for you it might be critical in convincing a client (family or stranger) that what you plan to build it is what they want. And CAD created drawing are easy to change once drawn.

This new eBook by Bob Lang’s is state of the art on the best way to learn to use Sketchup from the basics onto the critical bits of drawing that are peculiar to woodworkers. It’s an eBook, which means you load a DVD onto your computer and read it. But and this is the important bit there is a lot more to it than just reading this eBook. You have screen shots that actually look like the program, and even more important there are lots of short videos embedding in the text. When words are the simple way to explain stuff, you get words, and when a full motion video is needed to explain something you get a video. All smoothly integrated into a sophisticated ebook package.

The other important thing about this DVD is that it’s about drafting out woodworking projects. Stuff like furniture, cabinets, cut lists, moldings and etc. This is important because almost all the other Sketchup instruction out there is for generic boxes and non-woodworking projects. This DVD has specific instruction on everything from drawing out a dovetail joint, a frame and panel door, a regular cabinet, bookshelf, or even cabriole legs. And of course once these items are drawn out you can make changes with a few simple clicks.

Pages: 184
Binding: DVD

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