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Benchside Instruction on Furniture Ornamentation: Carving Corner Leaves.
by Chris Pye

When I checked out this DVD, the third in Rob Cosman’s series on carving with Chris Pye, I was once again struck by what a superlative teacher Chris Pye is. The video focuses on carving decorations, such as rosettes and the like - and don’t get me wrong, these ornamental touches would add beautiful touches to your woodwork. But beyond that, Chris Pye teaches you the fundamental skills of selecting, holding and using your tools correctly, making a wide range of cuts with precision and grace. His method also shows you how to think like a master carver - a valuable approach for any woodworker and indeed any craftsperson. This is a long two DVD video and covers the material the same way and in the same level of detail you would get if Chris were right there with you giving you a one-on-one lesson. DVD format. 2 hours, 9 minutes.


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