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by Darrell Peart

Although Greene & Greene furniture has attracted a lot of admiration, the scarcity of Charles and Henry Greene’s work - each piece was made only once, for a specific customer - has made it difficult to replicate. Here’s where Darrell Peart’s new book comes in. Peart is an accomplished furniture maker with a deep appreciation of the brothers’ work. He’s also an enterprising sleuth not above taking advantage of a diversion at a museum exhibit of the Greenes’ work - his own daughter attracting the guard’s attention - to pull open a G&G nightstand to peek at the drawer details. The book features a series of step-by-step projects that faithfully reproduce the essential, distinctive Greene & Greene details, and provides guidance on creating classic G&G details such as cloudlifts, leg indents, ebony plugs, brackets and pulls. Peart also showcases his own work and the work of other contemporary furniture makers inspired by Greene & Greene. The book will turn you into a G&G fan if you aren’t one already, and will give experienced woodworkers the inside information to tackle complex G&G pieces on their own. Illustrated with over 200 drawings and full color photographs. Resource list and bibliography. Softcover. 8 1/2" x 11". 128 pages.

Pages: 128
Binding: TP
Publisher: Linden

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