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by Lonnie Bird

Lonnie Bird is a master craftsman who has written extensively on woodworking for most of the major woodworking magazines and has written 6 books on the subject. He teaches cabinetmaking at a school he founded in Tennessee. This, his first DVD, very much reflects his practical approach to joinery and stresses the importance of developing basic hand skills. There is no magic and no gadgets in the way he cuts dovetails. The DVD first talks briefly about the tools you need and basic sharpening techniques. Then he demonstrates a series of exercises: first in sawing to a line, then chiseling to a line. His point being that once you practice these operations the rest of the dovetailing becomes significantly easier. This is really the core of what Lonnie Bird is about: mastering basic skills. The rest of the DVD is about applying those skills in increasingly complicated ways. First, he demonstrates and explains how to layout and cut a through dovetail, then he shows how to cut a half-blind dovetail which is the joint used commonly on traditionally made drawers. After a look at some of his finished pieces Mr. Bird goes through the details of making a dovetailed box. 60 minutes. DVD format.


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