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by Chris Pye

If you are familiar with any of Chris Pye's books, you know he is second to none in his ability to convey the essence of woodcarving. Lettercarving in Wood is the first comprehensive guide to the craft of lettercarving. Pye describes lettercarving as both a skill that is both pleasing of itself - who doesn't want the ability to write beautifully in wood? - and a discipline which will enhances any carver's ability to utilize and control his or her carving tools. As always, Pye offers a history of the craft and a very detailed guide to its tools and wood selection. Pye's method emphasizes exercises to help budding lettercarvers understand the design of the alphabet, layout and appearance of the carving, and then go on to carve complete incised and raised alphabets. The book concludes with many unusual and beautiful projects that utilize either the raised or incised letter techniques, along with Pye's tips on design, wood selection, letter style, layout and finishing. These projects include a charming inscripted garden signpost, an elegantly simple house sign, a commemorative bowl (with a quotation of your choice), a small table with gilded lettering, a country breadboard, and a personal stamp. 230 pages, full color . 8" x 11". Soft cover.

Pages: 230
Binding: TP
Publisher: GMC

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