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Hand Saw SharpeningHand Saw Sharpening
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by Tom Law

This is an indispensable, step-by-step guide to sharpening hand saws. Sure, power tools are great; but as many people are rediscovering, hand tools offer a joy in use that is unique. And the key to turning any saw to a fine tool is in the sharpening. Premium saws won't work right if they aren't correctly sharpened, and an inexpensive saw can be made premium with a good sharpening. Unfortunately, the average sharpening service may have no idea how to do it right. The focus of Hand Saw Sharpening - the only video of its kind - is the half a dozen basic operations that are used to properly sharpen a saw, operations that a lot of machine sharpeners skip. Watching host Tom Law saw with a sharpened saw is an eye-opening experience akin to seeing what a sharp chisel can really do. He demonstrates and explains each step so that you can duplicate the process. The actual operations are pretty simple, although it does take a bit of practice to get fluid, but the rewards are great. Tom will teach you to choose the right file; reshape misfiled teeth; sharpen a dovetail saw; file rip and crosscut saws; and set hook and beveled angles. The video is well-produced and has clear photography. VHS or DVD format, 60 minutes long. An extra quick reference guide and a separate booklet on saw files is available for download.

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