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  Tools, History, and Early Technical Processes
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by Jane Rees and Mark Rees

In the world of tool collecting this book has to be the most anticipated volume of the past decade. There are three reasons for this: anything by Jane Rees and Mark Rees is worth reading. While planes have been dissected ad nauseam information on rules is pretty hard to come by. Finally, and sadly, Mark Rees passed away in 2001 just as this book was being discussed, nobody outside the publishing circles knew if, let alone when, the monumental amount of work needed to be done would be completed. But fortunately the project was completed and it’s gorgeous. Piles of useful information presented clearly and concisely. Tons of never before published photographs in full color. It’s a real education in an important area of tool technology and collecting done about as well as you can imagine.

The book is divided into four basic sections. The history of the technical development of rules, how they were made, the material, the engineering, and the pioneering companies involved. After several chapters devoted to this area we come to ten chapters dealing with all the different rules and measuring devices used by different trades. This is followed a appendices with instructions from 1662 on making a rule, and an article by John Rabone from 1866 coupled with a factory inventory of 1851. There is a ledger from rule-maker from 1797-1818. Finally you get a compressive check list of English rules makers illustrated with color photographs of various rule examples.

Complete with an index and a separate index of English rule company names.

Large Format, 476 pages. Over 1000 illustrations with 100’s in full color. 8.25" x 11.75". Sewn-cloth and jacketed-hardcover. Printed in the United States of America.

Pages: 448
Binding: HC
Publisher: Astragal Press

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