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Restoring Antique ToolsRestoring Antique Tools
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by Herbert P. Kean

Here is the book that finally unlocks the secrets that professional restorers have been using for years. Written in the casual style for which the author has become famous, this book explains critical (and previously closely-held) restoration techniques in a way that even the most uninitiated can understand and follow. Kean's easy-to-read explanations give the reader confidence throughout, making the art of restoration not only extremely remunerative for the collector, but satisfying and fun as well. There are chapters covering boring and edge tools, planes (wood, wood-bottomed, and metal), measuring tools, saws and other miscellaneous tools, as well as a general chapter on cleaning and refinishing. The author explains how to make a bow for a bow drill, how to tighten loose heads on Sheffield and Ultimatum braces, how to make wedges for planes, how to replace vials in levels, how to repair chipped or missing threads on a plow plane, and literally hundreds of other such invaluable instructions. This information, with the aid of illustrative drawings, will help even the neophyte collector become a competent restorer and thus a more successful collector. Even if you never make an attempt at restoring, this fine book will give you the information you need to understand and appreciate this fascinating art. 122 pages. Illustrated. 51/2" x 81/2". Soft cover. $17.95.

“122 pages of dynamite?[covers] stuff that only the top restorers know how to do." ?The Chronicle

Pages: 122
Binding: TP
Publisher: Sparkler Press

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