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Dictionary of Woodworking ToolsDictionary of Woodworking Tools
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by R.A. Salaman

Since its first publication in 1975, R.A. Salaman's Dictionary of Woodworking Tools has come to be recognized as a definitive pioneering reference work, one of unparalleled value to craftsmen, collectors, antique dealers and all who are interested in the subject of woodworking tools and their uses. His rich language describes and explains the tools, not only of the more obvious woodworking trades (such as the cabinetmaker, chairmaker, joiner, coachbuilder, cooper, shipwright, plane maker, wheelwright and instrument maker) but of the less obvious trades as well, such as broom and brush makers, tree feller, hoop maker, upholsterer, millwright, coffin maker and window maker. The present edition is a substantial enlargement of the original work, revised and updated by Philip Walker, himself an authoritative historian-collector of tools. 546 pages. Thousands of illustrations. 7" x 10". Soft cover.

This is a massive and beautifully illustrated compendium which describes every hand tool used in the woodworking trades from the years 1700 to 1970.The New York Times
...a splendid dictionary. Mr. Salaman has devoted a lifetime's study to his subject.Times Literary Supplement
Collectors-the information you need is once again at hand! Here is the rich language of tool names, demanding not to be forgotten. -The Chronicle

Pages: 546
Binding: TP
Publisher: Astragal Press

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