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by John M. Whelan

A comprehensive reference that describes, illustrates, and classifies all types of wooden planes from the common to the rare and unusual-tracing their development and explaining their use. Included are American and English planes, as well as French, Dutch, German, Japanese and Chinese. Over 500 pages, with more than 1,000 original illustrations, it also includes: chapters that describe and illustrate over 90 simple and 300 complex molding profiles; a description and explanation of the planes used by specific trades: Cooper, Sashmaker, Coachmaker, Wheelwright, Planemaker, Organ Builder, Staircase Builder, Basketmaker, Rulemaker, Chairmaker, and Patternmaker; an Appendix that outlines a system for naming and classifying molding profiles, and another for identifying and classifying any plane based on its physical shape. A valuable book, not only for collectors, but also for craftsmen, curators and restorationists in reproducing and designing furniture and architectural details, in identifying unfamiliar planes, and in creating accession records. 513 pages. 1041 illustrations. 7" x 10". Soft cover.

An extraordinary book: an encyclopedia on the wooden plane. (Fine Woodworking)
A work of clarity and influential it virtually defines its subject, and it immediately establishes itself as an essential work of reading and reference. (The Tool Shed)
Clearly the authoritative guide for any collector or anyone interested in the subject. (The Fine Tool Journal)

Pages: 518
Binding: TP
Publisher: Astragal Press
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