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Moldex  Particulate RespiratorsMoldex  Particulate Respirators
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 2300 series - Small - N95 Particulate. Qty 10 ($25.95) In Stock
 2300 series - Med/Large - N95 Particulate. Qty 10 ($25.95) Sold Out
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 2300 series - Med/Large + Low profile nose-bridge - N95 Particulate. Qty 10 ($25.95) In Stock
 2400 series - (Med/Large)- N95 Particulate + carbon filter. Qty 10 ($39.95) Sold Out
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Breathing dust, any kind of dust, is bad. Hand sanding, metal polishing on a wheel, even grinding for long periods of time let loose a storm of dust. It also goes without saying that any kind of clean up can also be major dust generators. That’s why these disposable particulate respirators are so invaluable. They’re designed for comfort, with a flexible mesh, so they’ll fit your face and stay on easily. The built-in exhaust valve lets you exhale easily without breathing through the dust trapped by the filter on the outside of the mask. We stock several versions of this mask: The 2300 series only offers protection against dust and other particulate matter in the air. It's available Medium/Large size, Small size, and a Medium/Large size with a low profile bridge that will fit rounder facial features and flatter nose bridges. . We also stock the 2400 series mask which also protects against airborne dust and particulate matter, but also has a built in carbon layer to help filter our nuisance levels of ozone and organic vapors (less than OSHA PEL). Like all dust masks, they may not fit well over facial hair. Follow instructions for proper fit. Sold in packages of 10 masks.

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