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Glen - Drake Chisel and Carving HammersGlen - Drake Chisel and Carving Hammers
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Glen Drake Chisel and Carving Hammers are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand correctly aligned, so that you hold and use them with ease. Tremendous thought and care has gone into every facet of the hammers' design. They have some of advantages of a brass mallet - the brass head that gives precise control and a concentrated mass for a shorter, less fatiguing stroke - but have the leverage and lighter head of a regular hammer. The heads are rotated 30 degrees to encourage use with a relaxed wrist. The hammers' handles, made of California tanoak, are asymmetrically shaped to provide a controlled grip and are mounted to heads at their center of gravity to produce a balanced feel. All in all, the Glen-Drake hammer is an exceptionally responsive tool - a great hammer for both chisels and carving tools. Made in USA.
"Feels perfect in your hand...designed so that you could use them in the dark. The handles are so perfectly shaped for your hand that you can pick them up from your bench and the hammer will fall naturally into position without a glance at the tool...chopping is such a common operation that you should have a tool that makes things easier. The Glen-Drake hammer not only makes chopping easier, but more accurate, too." - Popular Woodworking, April 2003

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