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Crook Knives by Ben & Lois Orford
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Regular and flatter curve profiles

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 Small Crook Knife Right Handed ($52.95) In Stock
 Small Crook Knife Left Handed ($52.95) In Stock
 Medium Crook Knife Right Handed ($63.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 Medium Crook Knife Left Handed ($63.95) In Stock
 Flatter Crook Knife Right Handed ($52.95) In Stock
 Flatter Crook Knife Left Handed ($52.95) In Stock
You can't beat spoon carving in its ability to produce something beautiful and useful quickly. (Bear this in mind as you toil on a massive woodworking project.) As some have said, just take some green wood, carve away the part that isn't a spoon, then soak in linseed oil. We’re delighted to sell spoon carving tools from Ben & Lois Orford, British toolmakers and leatherworkers inspired by Wille Sundqvist, the Swedish spoon carving guru. The Orford crook knife, also known as a spoon knife, is made of 01 tool steel, great for edge retention. The tapered, faceted handle is good for universal grips and is made of English Elm, chosen because it is especially split resistant. The knives have a flat grind but only a single external bevel on the outside edge to easily allow the tool to scribe through a curve. That’s an essential feature for easily hollowing out spoons! Just follow the curved contours of the spoon with minimized vibration on the wood’s surface. The flatter crook profile is designed for shallower curves, for carving in which you don't need or want a deep cut. The crook knives come in both right and left handed versions. You may want to buy the pair, so that you can cut your bowl from both sides, with a pull cut on one side and a push cut on the other. Packed sharp and ready to use. Blade is protected with a leather strip. Made in the UK.  
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The right tool for the job

By: Ian (Jun, 2017)

Very impressed with the crook knives. Highly recommended.
I own this product.

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