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SK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter SetSK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set
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SK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set
SK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set
There’s a Flexcut interchangeable carving tool set for everyone.
SK106 5 pc. Craft Carver Set
SK107 11 pc. Craft Carver Set
SK111 Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set
SK110 Beginner 3-Blade Craft Carver Set
Blades and handles are easily interchanged.
Joel tests out the tools while carving the leafe project supplied with kits SK107 and SK106.
Sweep Chart is also available as a downloadable PDF below the product text - for set contents see "Set Contents" tab above the text.
From the Top: Wooden Handle, ABS Handle, Power Handle. All compatible with any Flexcut interchangeable blade.

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 5 pc. Craft Carver Set - SK106 ($50.95) In Stock
 11 pc. Craft Carver Set - SK107 ($101.95) In Stock
 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set - SK108 ($203.95) In Stock
 Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set - SK111 ($29.95) In Stock
 Beginner 3-Blade Craft Carver Set - SK110 ($38.95) In Stock
 Quick Connect ABS Handle - SK100 ($15.25) In Stock
 3-Pack ABS Handle ($32.55) In Stock
 Quick Connect Wooden Handle - SK102 ($15.25) In Stock
 3-Pack Wooden Handle ($32.55) In Stock
 Quick Connect Wooden Power Handle - SK103 ($15.25) In Stock
 3-Pack Wooden Power Handle ($32.55) In Stock
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Flexcut craft carving sets have all the tools you need to get started, and complete your first carving project. Interchangeable blades and comfortable handles, make these sets compact, and high value. Each tool is honed to a razor edge at the Flexcut factory in Pennsylvania so you can start carving right away.

Several sets are made specifically for beginners, but there's nothing compromised about the quality of the tools they contain, and for an experienced carver, the compact size of the sets makes them a reliable but compact travel kit. Expertly heat-treated 1095 spring steel blades, have a small grain structure, and are just the right hardness to hold a keen edge while remaining easy to sharpen.

Our only complaint with Flexcut interchangeable carving tools is that switching handles from blade to blade can get tiresome. We've found that a couple extra handles, kept on our most used blade profiles, are well worth the extra expense. All three handle styles are interchangeable.

Find individual set tool listings on the "Set Contents" Tab Above.

Flexcut Interchangeable Carving Tools are Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

All sets come sharp and ready to carve.

SK106 5 piece Craft Carver Set
Excellent compact carving set. ABS Handle, Four blades in an 11 pocket carving roll. Basswood leaf blank, and project manual.
Blade Profiles: #3 x 3/8" Gouge, #6 x 5/16" Gouge, #9 x 1.5mm Micro Gouge, 70 deg. x 1/4" V-Tool.

SK107 11 piece Craft Carver Set
A nice set of 10 blades and 1 ABS handle roll up into the most compact carving kit short of a Carving Jack folding knife. Basswood leaf blank, and project manual.
Blade Profiles: #1 x 1/4" Chisel, #3 x 3/8" Gouge, #3 x 5/8" Gouge, #5 x 9/16" Gouge, #6 x 5/16" Gouge, #9 x 1.5mm Micro Gouge, #11 x 1/8" Gouge, #11 x 1/4" Gouge, 45 deg. x 1mm Micro V-Tool, 70 deg. x 1/4" V-Tool

SK108 21 Piece Deluxe Starter Carving Set
The ultimate interchangeable carving set packed in convenient wooden box. 16 blades, 1 cutting knife, 1 ABS handle, 1 wooden power handle, slip strop, honing compound, owners manual covering tool care, and instructional DVD.
Blade Profiles: #1 x 5/8" Chisel, #2 x 9/16" Skew, #3 x 1/4" Gouge, #3 x 7/8" Gouge, #5 x 1/8" Gouge, #6 x 1/2" Gouge, #8 x 1/4" Gouge, #8 x 3/8" Gouge, #8 x 11/16" Gouge, #9 x 9/16" Gouge, #11 x 1/16" Gouge, #11X x 3/16" Gouge, #11X x 1/2" Gouge, 45 deg. x 5/32" V-Tool, SK403 70 deg. x 3/8" V-Tool, SK754 7/8" Back Bent Gouge

SK111 Beginner 2 Blade Set
There's no easier way to get started carving than this. One handle with two blades pre-printed basswood leaf blank, second blank for practice cuts, Project DVD and 24 page manual that details the leaf project as well as basic maintenance and safety tips for beginning carvers.
Blade Profiles: #6 x 5/16" Gouge, 70 deg. x 1/4" Gouge

SK110 Beginner 3 Blade Set
A great introduction to in-the-round carving, that's useful to boot. Set includes Wooden Handle with three blades, basswood boot blank, project DVD and 16 page project guide.
Blade Profiles: #2 x 9/16" Skew, #11 x 1/4" Gouge, 70 deg. V-Tool x 1/4"


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