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Carvin’ Jack CollectionCarvin’ Jack Collection
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Carvin’ Jack Collection
Carvin’ Jack Collection
Detail Jack
Whittlin’ Jack
Tri-Jack Pro
Pocket Jack for Carvin’
Carvin’ Jack
For right handed carvers: Choose a right-handed Carvin’ Jack to cut towards yourself. Choose a left-handed Carving Jack to cut away from yourself.
Carvings Jacks come with a Leather Belt-mountable Sheath, custom honing profile and leather strop, and Flex Cut Gold Polishing compound to keep tools razor sharp.
Black Oxide Coated blades provide a bit of rust protection and a beautiful contrast with the mirror polished carbon steel edge.
Overview of the Carving Jack Collection

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 Detail Jack - JKN90 ($33.56) In Stock
 Whittlin' Jack - JKN88 ($45.56) In Stock
 Tri-Jack Pro - JKN95 ($76.76) In Stock
 Pocket Jack - JKN89 ($74.36) In Stock
 Carvin' Jack Right-Handed with Sheath and Honing Kit - JKN91 ($128.76) In Stock
 Carvin' Jack Left-Handed with Sheath and Honing Kit - JKNL91 ($128.76) In Stock
Take along a Carvin' Jack and keep the chips flying with razor sharp carbon steel blades and a comfortable folding handle. All 5 Jacks are American Made and each has a different selection of blades to match your carving style. The Detail, Whittlin' and Tri-Jack are great straight for whittling, and chipcarving. The Carvin' Jack and Pocket Jack include V and gouge tools making them the most compact full function carving tools we've ever used. All are great gifts for the carver in your life - especially if that person happens to be you.

All Jacks measure 4 1/4" long when folded, and come razor-sharp and ready to carve, right out of the box.

JKN90 Detail Jack
1 5/16" Detail Blade with Liner Lock. Aluminum Handle.

JKN88 Whittlin' Jack
1 3/8" and 2" Blades spring into, but DO NOT Lock in place. Aluminum Handle with walnut inlay.

JKN95 Tri-Jack Pro
1", 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" blades with liner lock, Aluminum and Cherry inlay.

JKN89 Pocket Jack
1 3/8" Blade, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp, and V-Scorp with blade locks. Aluminum handle.

JKN91 and JKNL91 Carving Jack
The Ultimate Multi-tool for Carvers.
1 3/8" Blade, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp, and V-Scorp, Hook Knife and Chisel. All with blade locks. Includes a leather sheath, custom strop and honing profiles, and Flexcut Gold polishing compound for honing edges. Right-Handed carvers should choose a right-handed tool to cut towards yourself or a left-handed tool to cut away from yourself.

The Flexcut Carving Jack Collection of Tools are Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

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