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Flexcut Palm Tool Sets - Deluxe Palm Set - FR405Flexcut Palm Tool Sets - Deluxe Palm Set - FR405
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- Deluxe Palm Set - FR405
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Deluxe Palm Set - FR405
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Mini-Palm Set - FR604
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Wide-Format Palm Set - FR404
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Micro-Palm Set - FR804
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Beginners Palm Set - FR310
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets|
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - A Maple spoon-tula (spoon/spatula) in progress.
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets|
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Flexcut Tools are made in the Erie, PA
Flexcut Palm Tool Sets| - Sweep Chart is also available as a downloadable PDF below the product text - for set contents see "Set Contents" tab above the text.

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 Beginners Palm Set - FR310 ($84.95) In Stock
 Wide-Format Palm Set - FR404 ($70.95) In Stock
 Deluxe Palm Set - FR405 ($158.95) In Stock
 Mini-Palm Set - FR604 ($71.95) In Stock
 Micro-Palm Set - FR804 ($75.95) In Stock
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Getting into carving can be daunting because of the huge range of sweeps and sizes available. Flexcut Palm Tool Sets make it easy to purchase a practical selection of tools for your first project, without carving a hole in your billfold.

Flexcut was founded by woodcarvers, and their Palm Tools are some of the most popular on the market today because they deliver outstanding performance and value in an American Made tool. Their low bevel angle and comfortable handle make them easy to push through the wood, while the high quality 1095 steel blades and expert heat treatment make for a durable, and maintainable edge that gets very sharp.

After spending time testing the Flexcut line, we've been impressed with the quality of these tools. The thin blades cut smoothly and flex slightly in use, giving them their unique Flexcut feel. More importantly, they're delivered sharp, they stay sharp, and sharpen quickly on a strop with some honing compound. Flexcut Palm tool sets are a not only a good way to get into carving, they're a good addition to any carver's kit.

Find individual set tool listings on the "Set Contents" Tab Above.

Flexcut Palm Sets are Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

All sets come sharp and ready to carve and packed in a wooden box with a sliding lid.

FR310 Beginners Palm Set 5 profiles that will get you started carving. For more experienced carvers working in a larger scale this set is a good way to expand into smaller work. The set is designed to carve moderately small features.
#2 x 5/16" Skew, #3 x 3/8" Gouge, #6 x 5/16" Gouge, #11 x 1/8" Gouge, 70 deg. x 1/4" V-Tool

FR404 Wide-Format Palm Set A set of 4 wide tools for efficient material removal.
#3 x 5/8" Gouge, #5 x 9/16" Gouge, #8 x 3/8" Gouge, 70 deg. x 3/8" V-Tool.

FR405 Deluxe Palm Set 9 piece carving set, combines the contents of of sets FR310 and FR404. A great foundation for a carving kit.
#2 x 5/16" Skew, #3 x 3/8" Gouge, #3 x 5/8" Gouge, #5 x 9/16" Gouge, #6 x 5/16" Gouge, #8 x 3/8" Gouge, #11 x 1/8" Gouge, 70 deg. x 1/4" V-Tool, 70 deg. x 3/8" V-Tool.

FR604 Mini-Palm Set FR604 Small tools are good for sculpting details.
#3 x 1/8" Gouge, #5 x 1/8" Gouge, #11 x 1/16" Gouge, 70 deg. x 1/8" V-Tool.

FR804 Micro-Palm Set A selection of Flexcut's smallest carving tools for detail and texturing.
#5 x 2.5 mm Gouge, #9 x 1mm Gouge, #9 x 1.5mm Gouge, 45 deg. x 1mm V-Tool.

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