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10" Rosewood Handled Gent's Dovetail Saw by Pax No reviews yet - add a review
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This is the classic gent's saw made by PAX. At 10" long with 20 tpi this saw is perfect for dovetailing and cutting all but the deepest tenons. This saw and our Pax 8" dovetail saw with the closed handles are the most common tools for cutting dovetails. What I like most about them is that the blade is thick enough so that if you start cutting a little crooked you can twist the blade and straighten out the cut. Traditionally the "gent's" term was applied to fancier tools and this tool is no exception with a rosewood handle and brass backed blade. The brass back may add a little weight which may help smooth the saw cuts a little but in any case the look and feel of this saw is wonderful.  

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