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Dovetail Saw
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At 10" long with 20 tpi this saw is prefect for dovetailing and cutting all but the deepest tenons. I'm a big fan of these saws. What I like most about them is that the blade is thick enough so that if you start cutting a little crooked you can twist the blade and straighten out the cut. The saws are made by the same people who make PAX saws in England, but with a steel back and plain hardwood handle they are considerable less expensive. The teeth are ground with a modern grind that cuts equally well in both directions with a small amount of set.  
Customer Reviews:

Great Saw

By: Clay Dowling (Apr, 2015)

I bought this saw on a whim. It's cheaper than the throw away saws at the hardware store. It cuts as well was a high end saw. The gent's saw form isn't my favorite, but I was able to dovetail a very nice maple book case with it, and couldn't be happier with the quality of the tool.
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A nice saw that get's better with use

By: Bob Groh (Nov, 2014)

First point: although I have been fuzzing with woodworking for a long time, I am not even close to an expert. Having said that, this saw does seem to do a nice job. Not as nice as my Veritas but not bad. I think it is a bit 'notchy' when I start a cut but when it gets going, it does well enough. And goodness knows it is pretty inexpensive!
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By: Dan (Oct, 2013)

You would think that a saw is a saw but this saw works nothing like the what the big box store sell. It's smooth both ways. PAX knows how to make a saw and Gramercy knows how to pick great tools. Thanks for having tools that work.
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