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Rhodia Graph Paper Note PadsRhodia Graph Paper Note Pads
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Rhodia Graph Paper Note Pads|
Rhodia Graph Paper Note Pads|
Rhodia Graph Paper Note Pads|

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We’ve been using Rhodia graph paper notepads for years, but alongside Rhodia’s more than 100 year history, thats just just a drop in the bucket.

Rhodia has been manufacturing its signature orange cover pads since the 1930’s. The company’s name is derived from the Rhone river that runs through Lyon. Folks from that region of France, are called Rhodaniens, and its not difficult to see how they got to Rhodia from there. Because we are so very enchanted with all things wood, we were chuffed to find out that the trees in the Rhodia Logo are infact two Spruce Trees.

Rhodia pads use smooth 80g (21.3 lb) acid-free vellum, printed with a beautiful pale violet 5mm by 5mm grid. The coated cardstock cover repels water, and folds neatly and completely out of the way. The micro-perforated sheets (80 per pad) are attached firmly enough that the pad doesn’t go to pot in a back pocket, yet they remain easy to tear out neatly from corner to corner. The inside back cover aids portability and self-sufficiency as it obviates the need for a cooperative friend’s back whilst jotting.

The smaller, No 12 pad size fits perfectly in a back, or breast pocket. We use them for noting measurements, phone numbers, finishing receipts, and the grocery list (don’t forget the ketchup!). The larger pad is great for sketching ideas, or construction details. Take it along with you on your next visit with a client, and show off your on the fly problem solving skills in style!

The No 12 pad measures 3.3” by 4.7” and the No. 16 pad measures 5.8” by 8.3” (aka A5)

All Rhodia notepads are manufactured on machine no. 6 at the Rhodia factory in Alsace, France.  

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