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Woodcarver's Screw

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This is an exceptionally well made woodcarver�s screw designed to hold projects to the bench top so that the carver has free access to the work from all sides. Made in Germany by Two Cherries.
Customer Reviews:

Nice too

By: Jim Lompe (Oct, 2018)

I have used this Carver's Screw on several carvings. I haven't had much of a problem with it coming loose, even with mallet work. As with any Screw-type device, you can't over tighten it in softer woods as it could strip out. I did notice that the little square in the handle is tapered inside, so it needs to be used with that in mind. I have used it work pine, basswood, tupelo, and mahogany. It worked fine for me.
I own this product.

fairly useless carving screw

By: S Marks (Jun, 2014)

This good-looking tool just doesn't function well. First off, the wood screw threaded portion is too short. After screwing it into the workpiece, a couple of good whacks with the mallet loosens it so the carving is no longer held tightly. Actually, it could just fall off. The square cut-out on the handle for driving the screw looks cool, but in actual usage it stripped fairly quickly.
I own this product.

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