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Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4
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Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4|
Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4| - The lead screw at the tip of the bit quickly pulls you through the material.
Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4|
Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4|
Easy Bits - Modern Gimlets - Set 0f 4|

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Easy Bits by Fisch are a contemporary version of the traditional gimlet, perfect for drilling small diameter holes in stock up to 1" thick.

Easy Bits work like auger bits and use a lead screw to pull themselves through the work. They are some of the... for lack of a better word... easiest bits we have ever used! The initial appeal for us of these bits was to cover small sized hand drilled holes where one would use a gimlet. In a brace, the single flute cutter flies through through the workpiece. The lead screw just pulls the bit through the material with almost no pressure- in fact the 7 year old daughter of a long time customer, was able to easily crank out a 3/16th inch hole in 1 inch thick cherry using a brace.

With a screw driver handle (standard 1/4" hex drive) the bits cut more easily than expected, but you won't catch us drilling more than a couple of holes that way.

These bits shine in the end of a cordless drill. We�ve never used a small diameter drill bit that cuts so quickly, or so effortlessly. Not even our Fuller brad point bits can match the Easy Bit for speed and ease when you need to drill a lot of holes fast.

In a power drill the bits cut pretty cleanly. When using a brace, after the lead screw pokes through the material, turn the work around and drill from the other side for cleaner exit holes.

The 4 piece set includes two 1/8" bits, one 3/16", and one 1/4". The plastic storage case has an empty slot for your favorite driver bit (in the Gramercy Shop that�s a #2 Pozi-Drive). We included two 1/8" bits because they�re more fragile than the others and having an extra one seems a good idea. Made in Austria.
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