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Norton Water StonesNorton Water Stones
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 220 grit (60 micron) ($29.95) In Stock
 1000 grit (14 micron) ($49.95) In Stock
 4000 grit Finishing Stone (3 micron) ($65.95) In Stock
 8000 grit Super Finishing Stone (1.2 micron) ($109.95) In Stock
 220 / 1000 grit Combination Stone ($43.95) In Stock
 1000 / 4000 grit Combination Stone ($59.95) In Stock
 4000 / 8000 grit Combination Stone ($99.95) In Stock
 1000 / 8000 grit Combination Stone ($74.95) In Stock
 Combo Stone Kit - 220/1k + 4k/8k stones, flattening plate and DVD ($169.95) In Stock
 Set of three - 1k, 4k, and 8k ($212.30) In Stock
 Set of three with extras - 1k, 4k, 8k Stones, flattening plate,DVD, water bottle, and storage/soaking tub ($253.56) In Stock
 Set of four: 220, 1k, 4k, and 8k ($237.89) In Stock
 Full range combo set: 220/1k and 4k/8k stones ($132.39) In Stock
The Norton Abrasives line of waterstones have been getting a great response from woodworkers and some very favorable reviews. The stones are harder than Japanese waterstones so they will wear more slowly, and may require less frequent flattening than their Japanese equivalents. I typically start with the 1000 grit stone to raise the wire edge, then I start chasing the wire edge on the 4000 grit stone until I get a good polish and the wire edge is mostly gone. Then I switch to the 8000 grit stone to get rid of the last remnants of the wire edge and finally the microbevel. For the best edge on Western-made tools, I occasionally finish up with a plain strop. The only time I use the 220 grit stone is for initial sharpening of a new blade or when I have to get rid of a nick. The 220, 1000, and 4000 grit stones should be soaked in water before use. The 8000 stone only needs a splash of water.
All stones: 8" x 3" x1". The grit sizes are in JIS (Japanese Standard) sizing ( micron partical sizes are listed above.)
Note: For best results use these stones with low pressure and keep the surface wet. Let the stone do the work!

All stones are shipped in stackable plastic cases with rubber feet that also serve as solid sharpening bases.

We also have a DVD showing a simple free hand way of sharpening which is available separately (see below) or as part of a package with the stones.

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