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 180 Grit ($13.95) In Stock
 1000 Grit ($10.95) In Stock
 4000 Grit ($13.95) In Stock
 8000 Grit ($21.95) In Stock
 Set of 3 stone - 180, 1000, 4000 grit ($34.97) In Stock
 Set of all 4 stones ($51.68) In Stock
These waterstone slip stones are just the ticket for sharpening gouges, carving tools, and molding plane irons. Their chief advantage over oilstones is that they cut really fast. With the exception of the coarsest stones, the slips are traditionally shaped with a narrow 1/8" radius on one edge and a larger 1/2"radius on the other, for sharpening a wide range of curves. The stones come in 4 grits from a coarse 180 grit for rough shaping to an ultrafine 8000 grit stone for final polishing. Made in Japan.  
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