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 Translucent Arkansas Slip Stone ($65.95) In Stock
 Hard Arkansas Slip Stone ($23.95) In Stock
 Soft Arkansas Slip Stone ($19.95) In Stock
 Set of Soft and Hard Stones ($40.83) In Stock
 Set of Soft and Translucent Stones ($79.89) In Stock
These Arkansas slip stones are available in three grades - hard, soft and translucent - for a complete sharpening solution for carving tools, gouges, and molding plane irons. Carving slips are used on the tough-to- reach curved inside of the tool. On the outside part of the tool, a regular flat stone or the flat part of the slip can be used. These slips are all 4" long and 2" wide. One edge is 1/8" diameter and the other is 3/8" diameter. Use the soft Arkansas stone to create a wire edge, and hone and polish with the hard or translucent Arkansas. The hard and translucent stones are basically the same grit, but many people prefer the translucent stone and feel it wears better. These slip stones will make removing any wire edge on the inside of a gouge very easy. Available singly or in sets. Each stone comes with a handsome leather pouch for storage.  
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