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Norton Extra-Thin Grinding WheelsNorton Extra-Thin Grinding Wheels
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Norton Extra-Thin Grinding Wheels|
Norton Extra-Thin Grinding Wheels|

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 57A - 6" diam, 1/2" bore, 1/8" thick, 24 Grit - Reinforced ($28.95) In Stock
 32A - 6" diam, 1/2" bore, 1/4" thick, 46 Grit ($43.95) In Stock
Larry Williams of Clark & Williams Planemakers mentioned to us that one of the critical tools for making molding plane irons was thin grinding wheels so that you can grind a concave profile. In general for professional grinding shop with industrial machines there is a reasonable selection of thin wheels. However for your typical bench grinder the selection is more limited. We are therefore pretty pleased to be able to offer these very thin two Norton grinding wheels for 6" grinders with 1/2" shafts only. These wheels are not the super cool 3X wheels that we stock for regular grinding but they are pretty coarse and will run fairly cool. The 1/4" wheel is a regular 46 grit 32A aluminum oxide wheel, the thinner 1/8" wheel is 24 grit (which runs very cool) but it also has reinforced sides to strengthen the wheel. Just dress the wheels to whatever profile you need and grind away. The coarse wheel grit isn�t an issue because you will be finish honing the final cutting edge.

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