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Flexcut Sharpening
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Flexcut SharpeningFlexcut Sharpening
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Flexcut Sharpening|
Flexcut Sharpening|
Flexcut Sharpening| - A profile for every tool on the Slip Strop.
Flexcut Sharpening| - Knife Strop
Flexcut Sharpening| - Flexcut Gold Honing Compound
Flexcut Sharpening|
Flexcut Sharpening| - Applying Flexcut Gold Honing compound to the Slip Strop
Flexcut Sharpening|
Flexcut Sharpening| - Sharpening a Knife on the slip strop.
Flexcut Sharpening|
Flexcut Sharpening|
Flexcut Sharpening|

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 Slip Strop w/ Flexcut Gold - PW12 ($16.95) Sold Out
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 Knife Strop w/ Flexcut Gold - PW14 ($15.95) In Stock
 Flexcut Gold Honing Compound 4.5 oz - PW11 ($9.95) In Stock
Flexcut tools come with a magnificently sharp factory edge, but at some point they'll need a little touch up. Honing on a strop or slip brings back the razor sharp edge of a slightly dulled tool quickly and with very little effort.

The PW11 Flexcut SlipStrop fits Flexcut's full range of tools, and is universally useful for sharpening gouges, carving knives/chisels, carving scorps, and V-tools from any maker. Rub on the included honing compound and sharpen with a few strokes. Measures 3.25" by 4" with a 3.25" by 2.75" flat leather strop on the back.

The PW14 Flexcut Knife Strop is a strip of leather glued down to a comfortable sized block of wood. The 2" by 8" leather surface holds the included Flexcut gold honing compound, and provides a comfortable way to bring carving knives back to life. The 1" thick block is easy to hold or clamp.

PW11 Flexcut Gold polishing compound contains a mix of aluminum and titanium oxide abrasives that polish quickly to a mirror finish for a razor sharp edge. Each of the above strops comes with a small block Flexcut Gold honing compound to get started. Apply as if drawing with a crayon.

Flexcut Strops, Slips and Honing Compound are Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews:

Awesome gouge Stroup

By: Eric Scott (Aug, 2016)

One of the best tools for sharpening your gouges. An absolute must have
I own this product.

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