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Liberon Specialty WaxesLiberon Specialty Waxes
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 Black patinating wax - 250ml ($31.23) In Stock
We stock the full range of Liberon specialty waxes. They are all very similar in use to liming wax, which we list separately because liming is such a specific look it deserves its own category. Of the specialty waxes, black patinating wax is the opposite of liming wax, in that it gives a decorative, black-grained finish to wood. It’s pretty popular on art and crafts style furniture if you want a more antique look. The other waxes lend themselves to a deco look or if very modern pop art approach depending on how you apply the wax. The terracotta and blue moods wax lend themselves very much to a southwestern dcor. The basic method of application is the same for all the waxes; you just have myriad color decisions to make. First, brush the wood with a copper liming brush to open the grain of the wood, then stain, or prepare the raw wood. Next, fill the pores of the wood with whatever wax you wish and finally buff off the excess wax. The cool bit is the contrast you can make by changing the wood and filler colors. Color guide: in the picture showing the waxes, the black wax is obviously the black paninating wax; the verdigris wax is green, the color of oxidized copper. The Blue Moods wax is a pastel blue of Old English pottery. And the terracotta is a warm red of raw-fired clay pottery.Made in England.
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