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Liberon Liming Wax SuppliesLiberon Liming Wax Supplies
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 Liming wax - 250 ml ($24.84) In Stock
 Liming wax - 500 ml ($44.19) In Stock
A limed finish is similar to a pickled or whitewashed finish. The basic concept is to fill the pores of an open-grained wood such as oak with wax,and then wipe away the excess so the grain of the wood stands out. The possibilities are endless. You can use the wood bare for a subtle approach, or stain the wood for a dramatic effect. In the photo you can see a sample of oak, stained blue and then limed for a stunning effect. We also carry (under specialty waxes) other colored waxes in red, blue, green and black, for accomplishing the same type of effect using different fillers. The kit is a great way to get started, but of course we also carry the wax, bushes and tack cloths separately so you can refill the kit or just get the wax.

This kit contains all you need to give a nice, decorative white-grained finish to your bare wood: a bronze hand brush to open the grain of the wood (a very important step); Liming Wax (250 ml) and extra fine steel wool (100 g, grade 0000) to use as an applicator; Neutral Black Bison Fine Paste Wax polish (150 ml) to give it a great deep shine and also remove any excess liming wax; and one tack cloth and one cotton rag. Comes with complete instructions. Made in England.
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Note: Not recommended for pine or other closed grain woods.  
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