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  Restoration, Repair, and Maintenance
Liberon Retouch CrayonsLiberon Retouch Crayons
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 Mixed Set of 3 ($12.87) In Stock
 Standard Set - Tin of 10 ($40.68) In Stock
 Kitchen Set - Tin of 10 ($40.68) In Stock
Retouch crayons are wax-based crayons used to fill minor scratches and defects in finished projects. It's a simple way to repair a scratch in a newly made piece, or do a quick repair on an old piece. Match the surface color as closely as possible; if you can't find a color that matches exactly, choose a crayon that is a little darker. Rub the crayon across the scratch to fill, and then rub on the scratch to finish up. Let the wax harden up, and then buff with a soft cloth to level out the wax and remove the excess. Most cabinetmakers I know keep a set of these crayons in their installation bag so they can easily touch up any minor scratches on-site so the final product looks perfect.
For a proper chart to aid selection Click Here The mixed set of 3 sticks contains a light, medium, and dark wood color crayons which are indicated on the color chart by a dot above the crayon. The standard set of 10 sticks is the choice of most furniture makers. It includes a very wide range of wood colors - white, pine, walnut, mahogany, etc. through ebony.
The 10 piece kitchen set is for architectural woodworking and contains mostly lighter shades of white, maple, pine, etc, - the typical lighter color woods that are found on modern kitchen cabinets.
Finally, the 10 piece framer's set consists of wax in shades of gold, silver, copper, and bronze gilt, for touching up picture frames and is popular among framers.
The sets of 10 are packed in a tin case. Suitable for indoor use only. Made in England.
Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).
For a copy of the safety data sheet (MSDS sheet) for this item - click here

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