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Liberon Wax Filler Sticks

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
Found in Departments: Finish Restoration, Repair, and Touchup
  Liberon Finishing Supplies
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Code: LB-0240.XX
 White - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Ivory - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Light oak - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Med. walnut - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Mahogany - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Teak - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Dark mahogany - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Medium oak - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Dark walnut - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Dark oak - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Ebony - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Light pine - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Pine - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Dark yew - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Light walnut - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
 Rosewood - 50g ($11.88) In Stock
These wax sticks are used to fill small to medium sized holes in a finished project. You don’t have to sand or strip the work surface. After filling, you can French polish, varnish, or just rewax the finished surface. Match the surface color as closely as possible - go a little darker if you don’t have a stick that matches exactly. The wax is hard at room temperature, so shave of a bit and then soften the scraping between your fingers of under warm water. Then press the wax into the hole and allow it to harden. Finish off by buffing the surface with a soft cotton cloth to remove the excess. The wax in these sticks are harder than the wax in the retouch crayons so it can fill larger defects. They are an extremely quick solution to patching tiny brad holes either above or under a finish. We carry the entire wide range of colors and the sticks are pretty big so you can just get the colors you need. For a proper color chart to aid selection Click Here.
Made in England.
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