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  Restoration, Repair, and Maintenance
Behlen  Wood Finishing & Repair DVDBehlen  Wood Finishing & Repair DVD
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Wood Finishing & Repair guides you through Behlen's line of products, so you'll know which product best suits the repairs or finishing you want to do. The reassuring, matter-of-fact narrator shows you how to fix holes, scratches, pitting, color and sheen imbalance; chipped corners and other damage, and also bring out the glorious luster that makes any piece of furniture look more beautiful. We assumed originally that the DVD would be a cursory coverage of various Behlen products but we ended up really impressed at the logical structure of the DVD and how well a huge array of various topics on wood repair are examined and explained. Most of the DVD is on repairing damaged furniture finish, filling dents, matching color, and etc. The techniques are mostly modern, and are not about furniture conservation, but rather what to do in the real world with normal furniture that needs repair. The parts of the DVD that are just about finishing are really in the context of how to apply modern finishes. This DVD is the best overview of typical furniture finish repair we have ever seen. DVD format, There is no runtime listed on the box but the DVD is at least an hour long.

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