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  Restoration, Repair, and Maintenance
Behlen  Furniture Delivery Touch-up KitBehlen  Furniture Delivery Touch-up Kit
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Our company’s move to Brooklyn was not the easiest of tasks for us do-it-yourselfers. It worked out well, however, minus a few aches and pains - and nicks and scratches to some of our furniture. This is where a kit like the Furniture Delivery Touch-up kit comes in handy. Sometimes bubble wrap and padded cloths are not enough to protect your furniture when they bounce into each other or the sides of the truck during transit. And even with skillful maneuvering, it’s tough to avoid some denting and scratching when you pass through doorways. Save yourself some agita about the inevitable damage and get this ingenious kit. For new furniture and cabinet delivery this kit is a great thing to keep in the truck so that you can fix any minor issues before the client complains.

The kit contains a nice range of products to hide most commonly occurring accidents. Just take it with you during the move - no need for a return trip to your workshop to do repairs.

  • Three 13 oz. master aerosol sprays in Clean Gloss, Clear Satin and Sanding Sealer
  • one 12 oz. Pump OZ Cream Polish
  • one 16 oz. Scratch-Off Polish
  • one Graining Pen
  • one tack cloth
  • one steel wood 4/0
  • twelve Scratch Remover pens in a range of colors
  • twelve Fill Stick Putty sticks in a range of colors
  • and a durable case.

There is also some extra space in this case so you can easily add other useful items, like a knife, rubbing block and sandpaper.

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