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Found in Departments: Dyes, Stains, and Pigments
  Oils, Varnishes, Lacquers, and Filler
  OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
Osmo Hardener for Oil StainOsmo Hardener for Oil Stain
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Osmo Hardener for Oil Stain|
Osmo Hardener for Oil Stain|

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Osmo Hardener for Oil Stain reduces the Oil Stain’s normal drying and curing time of 12 hours to just 4 hours. It’s not essential to use, but it’s nice to have the option when time is of the essence.

Designed especially for high traffic areas. Just pour the contents of the bottle into the Oil Stain container.

Color: Clear. Size: 60 ml. Made in Germany. Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).

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