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Norton Bear-Tex Nylon Hand PadsNorton Bear-Tex Nylon Hand Pads
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 6" x 9" White - non-abrasive. Pack of 5 ($4.95) In Stock
6" x 9" Gray - ultra fine. Pack of 5 ($4.95) Temporarily unavailable
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Bear-Tex surface finishing pads are made of non-woven nylon impregnated with resin and abrasives. We sell two grades of pads: one with an ultra-fine abrasive that is perfect for rubbing out a finish, and another, even finer, without an abrasive, which is great for the final pass. These pads are flexible and last a long time. A lot of people use them instead of steel wool. Both technologies have a place, especially when you consider some of the fine steel wools we carry, but for water based finishes, where even a tiny amount of steel wool residue can cause rust stains, these pads are the cat's pajamas.

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