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Behlen  Pumice StoneBehlen  Pumice Stone
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 B720-1402 - Coarse - 2F Grade ($7.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B720-1404 - Finest - 4F Grade ($7.95) In Stock(MSDS)
In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was common to make an abrasive block using a chunk of fine pumice with one side flattened to rub out a finish. We�ve tried that, and it works, but the modern method of using pumice powder gives more control and works faster. Pumice powder is also used in French polishing as part of the application of shellac to create the fine dust that slowly fills the pores of wood. We sell two grades: 2F, which is coarse, and 4F which is fine. Sold in 1 pound container with sprinkle top.   

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