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The wave cutter (sizes 1/2" and larger) have a serrated cutting edge for clear and quick cutting
Overlapping holes are no sweat!
You can even drill off an edge
Angled holes are easy!
The set of 7 sizes in a wooden box.
Set of 16 sizes.

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 Set of 7 wave cutters in a Wooden Box ($116.00) In Stock
 Set of 16 in a Wooden Box ($380.00) In Stock
 1/4" ($10.50) In Stock
 5/16" ($12.50) In Stock
 3/8" ($10.50) In Stock
 7/16" ($14.00) In Stock
 1/2" ($13.00) In Stock
 9/16" ($20.50) In Stock
 5/8" ($14.50) In Stock
 11/16" ($22.50) In Stock
 3/4" ($16.50) In Stock
 3/4" - extra long (not wave) ($29.50) In Stock
 13/16" ($24.50) In Stock
 7/8" ($17.50) In Stock
 15/16" ($28.00) In Stock
 1" ($20.50) In Stock
 1 1/8" ($22.00) In Stock
 1 1/4" ($22.50) In Stock
 1-3/8" ($32.50) In Stock
 35mm ($32.50) In Stock
 1 1/2" ($34.00) In Stock
 1 5/8" ($35.00) In Stock
 1 3/4" ($37.50) In Stock
 1 7/8" ($40.00) In Stock
 2" ($42.50) In Stock
 2-1/8" ($47.50) In Stock
Forstner bits were invented in 1874 and are the simplest, best way of drilling a hole with a flat bottom, a hole at an angle, or overlapping holes. These "Wave Cutter" Forstner bits from Fisch are the newest and best drilling technology for this class of bits. Each bit is forged out of a blank of a propriety steel alloy and machined to exacting tolerances. These bits get the clearances right! You can drill quickly, cleanly and without burning in hard or soft wood. The "Wave" innovation is the wavy cut on edge of all bits greater than 1/2". This means that instead of riding on a level cutting edge, as you are drilling your are scoring the wood thousands of times at the cutting diameter. The scored wood is easily lifted out by the drill and you get clean, fast holes.

One huge advantage of the Forstner design is that the bits are edge bearing so that you can easily cut overlapping holes without having the bit wander into a previous hole. This also means that drilling over an edge is easy and reliable as is drilling at an angle.

In addition to a comprehensive set of drill sizes in imperial measurements from 1/4" to 2 1/2" by 1/16" increments to 1" and then in 1/8" increments, we also stock in this listing a non-wave cutter 3/4" (4 3/4" overall) extra long bit for drilling workbenches, and a 35mm wave bit for European style hinges. 35mm is a few thousands larger than an imperial 1 3/8" bit and can be used almost interchangeably but the true 35mm bit we stock will fit hinges a touch better.

We also stock two sets, both boxed in nice fitted wooden cases:

The seven piece set contains sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1".

The sixteen piece set contains sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4", 1-7/8", 2", and 2-1/8".

All bits (except the extra long 3/4") are approximately 3 1/2" long. Bits 1/4" - 1/2" have 1/4" diameter shanks. All the larger bits have a 3/8" diameter shaft.

The extra long 3/4" bit is 4 3/4" long with a 1/2" shank.

The smallest sizes 1/2" and under are not made wave ground as in these sizes there is no practical advantage.

Forged and then machined from a long-lasting proprietary steel alloy.

Available individually or in sets. Made in Austria.  

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