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  W. L. Fuller Drill Bits - Made In USA
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These bradpoint bits are precisely sized with long points for angled drilling.

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 Set of 9 sizes 2mm - 6mm in .5mm increments. Packed in a metal case ($62.00) In Stock
 3.0 (FL:1-5/16" OV:2-13/32") ($5.00) In Stock
 4.0 (FL:1-11/16" OV:2-15/16") ($6.00) In Stock
 5.0 (FL:2-1/16" OV:3-3/8") ($6.50) In Stock
 6.0 (FL:2-1/4" OV:3-21/32") ($7.50) In Stock
 7.0 (FL:2-23/32" OV:4-9/32") ($8.50) In Stock
 7.5 (FL:2-23/32" OV:4-9/32") ($9.50) In Stock
 8.25 (FL:2-15/16" OV:4-19/32") ($11.50) In Stock
 9.0 (FL:3-3/16" OV:4-29/32") ($12.50) In Stock
 10.0 (FL:3-7/16" OV:5-1/4") ($15.00) In Stock
 11.0 (FL:3-11/16" OV:5-19/32") ($17.00) In Stock
 12.0 (FL:3-31/32" OV:5-15/16") ($20.00) In Stock
 12.5 (FL:3-31/32" OV:5-15/16") ($20.00) In Stock
 13.0 (FL:3-31/32" OV:5-15/16") ($32.00) In Stock
Whether you are using Festool or installing European hardware there is more and more of a call for metric sized drill bits. These very high quality, made in USA, metric sized high speed steel brad point bits are designed for clean cutting in solid wood and sheet goods. Available individually or in steel boxed sets. The center point is long and precisely ground for angled drilling. The numbers in parenthesis are the flute length followed by the overall length. Made in USA.  

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