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Depth Stops
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Depth StopsDepth Stops
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These red little gizmos are the best drill stops we have ever used. They clamp onto your drill bit and are screwed tight for an absolutely positive lock. The depth stops come in a kit of two. The smaller one covers drill bits sizes 1/16" 1/4" and the larger one is for bits " " in diameter.
Customer Reviews:

Too long for many situations

By: David K (Nov, 2018)

These do work nicely in some situations but unless you have extra-long drill bits or you are drilling shallow holes you may find that the depth stop is too long to set at your desired hole depth. [There's some text omitted from the description (as of today) - it should say the larger one is for bits 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter. I bought this from another retailer (at twice the price shown here at TFWW!)]
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