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English Carpenter's Mallet
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English Carpenter’s MalletEnglish Carpenter’s Mallet
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It goes without saying that you have to hit your chisel with something. Some people use round sculptor's mallets which are turned out of tropical hardwoods. In Japan they use steel hammers on hooped chisels, and in Vietnam they use a tapered piece of wood. I was taught using an English mallet like this one. Ultimately it doesn't matter much what you use, but the handle should be the correct length for you and the work you are doing. This mallet is the classic joinery mallet and will give you good leverage and a lot of control. It's perfect for cabinetwork and joinery. Beech, 12 Inches long. Made in England.  
Customer Reviews:

much better than a round mallet

By: JohnG (Dec, 2015)

I used a round headed mallet for years. I finally got tired of they way it would glance off of the chisel head if I didn't hit it right. This one has saved my knuckles from abuse. A bonus is that it won't roll off the workbench! I use the round mallet for ice crushing.
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Perfect Ice Smasher

By: Jeff Cohen (Jul, 2014)

Great for crushing ice for serving Oysters or drinks!
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