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Detachable adjustable base lifts laser over wooden plates and metal track

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 LaserBob 5 Point Layout Kit (LA-5P) - Self-Leveling (#03160) ($229.00) In Stock
If you’re contemplating an installation of cabinetry, save yourself grief and use Stabila laser levels. They have state of the art, top-notch features in a small, compact package. Both the LaserBob and Proliner share the same body and basic features. You’ll appreciate that they are self-leveling, have a twenty hour battery life, and automatically lock for transport and storage. When you set up the level ?" by using its base or its magnetic side that can attach to a stud, or taking off the base and attaching it to a tripod, you don't have to worry if it's hard to get the level perfectly square. The self-leveling feature will automatically adjust the level to be level up to 4 1/2?° in each direction. If the unit is too far tilted to self-adjust, the lasers will flash to alert you to adjust the level enough to compensate.

The ProLiner is probably the more useful of the two units for most installers. Set up at the job and it will shoot level lines on your walls. This is a great way to set up a row of cabinets or to install tile level. You'll also have a vertical line which is a great reference.

For setting up studs the LaserBob shoots a dot from side to side, across and up and down. The dot is used to square up studs at right angles all in one go.

The beam visibility distance is great for both levels - 60 feet for the ProLiner and 100 feet for the LaserBob. Both units have dust and water protection and include framing bases, pendulum locks for transport and storage, and wall mount equipment.

Includes Laser, target plate, wall mount bracket, high stability framing base, manual and pouch   

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