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  OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
Osmo Double Blade ScraperOsmo Double Blade Scraper
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Osmo Double Blade Scraper|
Osmo Double Blade Scraper|

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 270 mm (approximately 11") ($51.99) In Stock
The handheld Double Blade Scraper was developed especially for use with Osmo's Professional line, such as the Polyx Pro Colors, because these products do not have solvent.

Use the blade scraper for the most efficient, thin application of Osmo oils. You can actually use the scraper with any Osmo finish - many of its most loyal fans are using it for fast, clean applications of Original Polyx or even Top Oil.

To see a quick application, check out You Tube videos! The aluminum scraper is 270 mm (around 11") and fits nicely in the hand. Made in Germany.

To see a video demonstration of the Double Blade Scraper, click on this link:

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