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The OmniVisor with accessory clip-on light and battery pack.The OmniVisor with accessory clip-on light and battery pack.
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The OmniVisor with accessory clip-on light and battery pack.
The OmniVisor with accessory clip-on light and battery pack.
The OmniVisor works wonderfully over or without eyeglasses.
The OmniVisor easily swings up and out of the way

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Optivisor w/Lens Plate
 Magnifies 1 1/2 x at 20" ($42.95) In Stock
 Magnifies 1 3/4 x at 14" ($42.95) In Stock
 Magnifies 2 x at 10" ($42.95) In Stock
 Magnifies 2 1/2 x at 8" ($42.95) In Stock
 The OptiLoupe adds 2 1/2 x magnification to either eye of any OptiVisor. Just simply remove the OptiVisor's lens plate fastener and install the OptiLoupe next to the lens plate. ($12.95) In Stock
 VisorLight illuminates the OptiVisor's magnified viewing area. You get 6000 candlepower and 5-6 hour battery life. Takes AA batteries. ($24.95) In Stock
 VisorLight Replacement Bulb ($6.75) In Stock
The OptiVisor is a hands-free precision magnifier that reduces eye strain when you work. No more squinting, headaches and errors as you work on fine details! The OptiVisor can be comfortably worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses. The OptiVisor’s lightweight construction and knob adjustable headband make it easy and comfortable to wear, even in hot, sweaty conditions. The entire magnifier easily tilts up and out of the way when you don’t need it.

The OptiVisor uses glass lenses ground and polished to precision ophthalmic standards for precision and durability. The hood keeps light away from the inside of the glasses and reduces glare. Glass lenses will not easily scratch and you will get crystal clear viewing for years to come. These visors are not a substitute for safety glasses.

We also stock a powerful clip on Xenon light (6000 Candle Power) that we find provides great on-the-spot lighting. If your work area is well lit you might not need it but we find that for general clarity having the mounted light is a big benefit. Two AA batteries (not included) will provide approximatly 5-6 hours of use.

We stock visors in various magnifications. The higher the magnification the closer you will need to be to the work itself. Jewelers and other people who routinely do fine work, also typically have raised work platforms. If you are carving miniatures and you need a high magnification to see what you are doing consider also elevating your benchtop. For occasional close work bending over is fine. However for things like saw filing where you need to keep your arm horizontal to avoid wrist injury and you need to look at what you are doing for long periods, we find the weakest magnifier, with a 20" working distance, still has enough magnification power to be useful, but you can also work without hunching over.

These are the best magnifiers we know about.
Made in USA.

Not a safety Device. Do not use in place of safety glasses or face shield.   
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