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 Kijima Dozuki Saw - 240mm Cross-Cut ($59.95) In Stock
 Kijima Dozuki Saw - 240mm Rip-Cut ($59.95) In Stock
 Kijima Dozuki Saw - 240mm Cross-Cut Blade Only ($33.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Kijima Dozuki Saw - 240mm Rip-Cut Blade Only ($33.00) In Stock
The Kijima Dozuki Saws are professional-grade, backed pull saws with 240mm replaceable blades and exceptionally fine teeth. These saws are ideal for high-finish trim work or fine joinery, with a blade thickness of only 0.27mm that provides utmost precision and leaves an incredibly thin kerf.

The cross-cut blades have 28 TPI, while the rip-cut blades are 19 TPI, both are 55mm wide from teeth to spine and have 240mm of cutting length. The teeth are hardened for high sharpness and longevity, but this does mean that once the teeth dull (or break), the blade must be replaced rather than sharpened (hence our offering of separate blades).

The handles are the classic rafia-wrapped style, and are angled at about 7 deg. to the blade so that, when holding the handle comfortably, the cutting edge extends naturally forward from the hand. This allows for a high precision of cutting, even when choking back on the handle for maximum leverage.

Note: The replacement blades only include the blade itself. The steel back on the saw is meant to be reused and replacement is not included.

Made in Japan.


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